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bushels of bad habits.

28 November 1990
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about me.

puta, por favor, my name's jasmine and my body's too bootylicious for ya babe~ my life's pretty boring, explaining why i don't blog much. i look about nine, so i figured i might as well act like a kid too. despite my username, i'm a barcelona fan, not a real madrid fan - i made this account soon after the wc, and it was a very short-sighted thing of me to do. but iker is classy, ngl. i'm a shameless pervert. what the eyaf jasmine why are you so bad at writing biographies.

likes and dislikes.

likes: liverpool fc. architects (band). fc barcelona. pepe reina. curly hair. tea with a lot of sugar. tweeting excessively. martin kelly's voice. jack wilshere's smile. king kenny dalglish. dance gavin dance. alexisonfire. tumblr. ict.
dislikes: manchester united. marmite. emos and scenesters. creepy fangirls. capitalizing every word in a sentence. bitchy people. grey skies.

fandoms and ships.

fandoms i am active in:
football, the x factor 2010, one direction, the social network, youtube, death note.
xabi alonso/steven gerrard, sergio ramos/fernando torres, cesc fabregas/gerard pique, cesc fabregas/iker casillas, iker casillas/david beckham, danny agger/fernando torres, andrew garfield/jesse eisenberg, daniel agger/martin kelly, liam payne/louis tomlinson, phillip lester/daniel howell, light/l, mello/matt, mello/near.

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aiden grimshaw, anime, architects (uk), art, cesc's beard, dan howell, death fucken note, fc barcelona, football, inception, jack wilshere's dimples, lionel messi, liverpool fc, mail jeevas, martin kelly/danny agger, matt cardle, matt cardle's manly beard, matt/aiden, music, pepe reina the pimp, phil lester, phil/dan, princess mononoke, sergio ramos, sergio/fernando, slash, steven gerrard, stevie/xabi, studio ghibli films, that ace ventura quiff, the dagger's skinny legs, the social network, the social network., tom sykes, trolling, wand erection, xabi alonso olano bitch